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Ghosts Edit

Ghosts are paranormal spirits you could say that have been picked up by camres for centruy's.They are

Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons!!09:47

Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons!!

figuares in many forms, shapes and sizes and are said to be unfriendly and harming . Commonly caught on video tape are believed to be ghosts moving objects, opening doors and mentally scaring people. In most video tapes the ghosts are not seen but moving things or even grabbing people and lifting them. Because they are not seen in most vids it's hard to say what creature or thing is taunting the humans or moving objects.Gosts are most commonly seen as a ghastly foggy thing that is hard to describe in humans snese's. They are commonly seen in human forms and float in mid air.It is also believed that ghosts are dead humans or animals spirits that are for some unknown reason are left too roam the earth.There are many theories to ghosts and why they are here on are planet and they are also able to choice who can see them and can move through objects with out bieng physically dameged.Very close freinds of mine have seen them and have describded them as anything but friendly and are vey malevolent force and taunt humans in many pictures throught the years of some humans lives.This video shows the real footage of possibly ghosts, demons or spirits this shows you footage of what ghosts do what they look like and there powers. It is impossible to say whether these are ghosts spirits or demons, some I would say are demons like the child in the mirror is not a ghost but other's like the graveyard video are hard too almost impossible to say what they are or if ghosts are even real. Some of the main reasons people say ghosts are real is because of people catching there dead loved one's in pictures. A friend of mine (martin) has multiple brothers and sisters and he is the oldest of them all. But a few years before he was born there parents had a miscarge , years and years later people they didn't know very well would alows ask "Who's the oldest" and they would reply "that would be martin" and they would reply "Then who's the boy that's a few years older than him that I see all the time"? This shocked there parents as it had happend multiple times with diffrent people. One theroie I believe to be true is that humans only see 13% of what is around them and the other 87% is demons, angels, ghosts etc. Human eyes only see so much and we can't see any paranormal things unlessn they want us to see them. I believe dogs and possibly other animals have been given the gift or curse to see them.  the reason I think this is because dogs bark constantly at nothing and I know of one incounter were the ghost came through the wall and just stared them for a minute and left.But before this happend there dog stared barking and huddled up in a corner with it's tale between it's legs and litterlly pooped on thier floor before it came in the room and my friend and his father both saw it.You must understand the deeper you get into this ghosts, demons etc. the better chance you have of bieng haunted by them or even phsically harmed by one I have warned you and it is your choice to stop now.

Demons  Edit

Demons are a malevolent force even more powerfull then ghosts and are as scary. Demons are believied in religons like chritianty that they are serevents of the devil himself and obey his wishis. In christian relgion hte devil was an angel named lucifer, he was the most beautiful creature god had every created and he was the most powerfull angel of all. But he grew dark and said he was more powerfull than God and tried to over throw him and there was great conflict in heaven between lucifer and his followers which were one threeied of the angels in heaven and God threw all of them out of heaven onto earth and all his followers became demons and terrizied the people of earth and is believed they still do today.In the bible the king james version there is one angel given to each and every human and possibly more. So were talking thousands upon thousands were cast to earth If it's real then thats how many still are today attacking humans. The reason believed why they attack humans mentally is because the devil wants revange on God and wants to destroy his creation... humantity. This is one theory of demons and is why they taunt us mentally. There poweres are able to posess human's and take control of thier body doing things abganist there will maybe even bieng able to kill them through suicde or murder. There are many cases of demons phsically and mentally harming people.Demons are believed to posses things like weegie boards which are VERY dangerous and will result in mental destruction and can cause terrible things to happen as seen in the video above. My father messed with them and had demons posses friends of his and the weegie board told his friend the day he was going to die and that day hasn't come yet and he's not dead. As you can see demons are very powerfull and can be seen in the same manner as ghosts and is hard to decide which is which. Some people believe that ghosts aren't real and theres only demons wether this is true is uknown. Demons are very much so involved in stanic rituals and scarifice and also black magic. All of this is specullation sense humans can't see certain things but I believe all of this to be very true. If you believe to be possesd I would suggest seeking religious counsle from a church or cathedral and even an exorcism as last resort. I personally believe in all of this and my family is christian but I have many reasons to doubt the faith and religion of christian's from many personal experience's. 

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